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Temporary Fence


You will see our bright orange fence panels all over northern Alberta.

That is because we are still the leading supplier of temporary fence rentals in the capital and Fort McMurray regions and beyond.





Welcome to the home of Western Canada's fastest growing fence company on the web.

On this site, you will find resources for home owners, contractors, specifiers and more. Browse our site by end use or product type, or use the quick and easy contact forms located on each page to request a quote.


  • Bear Fence and Game Fence

    Over the past few years, as work in northern Alberta has expanded to ever more remote areas, we've noticed a growing demand for electric fence, particularly on those remote sites. We have also been asked to supply and install electric deer fence, and even to supply electric fence components for Read More
  • Vertical Lift Gates

    One of the things that we noticed when we started manufacturing and installing custom gates, and when we added gate automation into the mix, was that every site has its own unique challenges. That is one of the reasons why we decided to start offering vertical lift gates (otherwise known Read More
  • Residential Vinyl Options

    Align Fence Inc. offers vinyl fence in a range of colors, as well as various combination of colors. Basic color choices are white, tan and stone, but we can combine those colors to create two tone fence systems. Gate Options All of our vinyl fence systems also come with matching Read More
  • Post and Rail Fence

    Whether you call it post and rail fence or ranch fence, there's no denying that the classic three rail fence is perfect for those parts of your farm where you want something a little better looking than barbed wire fence. We have installed post and rail fence around vacant lots, Read More
  • Automation Peripherals

    While you're choosing a gate operator for your home or commercial property, don't forget about the range of gate automation peripherals that are on offer. Align Fence Inc. supplies and installs a full range of accessories and peripheral equipment to make your automated gate installation easier to operate. Key Fobs Read More
  • Game Fence

    There are many names for game fence: paige wire fence, bison fence, deer fence, hinge lock fence, solid lock fence to name just a few. Whatever you call this type of fence though, Align Fence Inc. can install it for you, or supply you with materials to do the installation Read More
  • Prison Fence

    Installing fences inside prisons is probably one of the most highly specialized tasks any fence company will face. We should know. We have installed several. Installing Prison Fence The first thing that should be considered when you are selecting a contractor to install your prison fence is whether the contractor Read More
  • Farm Fence Information

    When most people think of commercial fence, they are not thinking of farm or agriculture fence. However, when it comes to fence projects that run to miles and miles, and that have to enclose or delineate enormous areas, farm fences are certainly what you are talking about. Align Fence Inc. Read More
  • Commercial Ornamental Fence

    Ornamental fence is a great choice for commercial properties. It's strong and hard wearing, allows visibility while still forming a secure barrier, and it looks good enough to play a starring role in the landscaping of your corporate office. Align Fence Inc. offers a full range of commercial ornamental fences Read More
  • Residential Vinyl Fence Specification

    Typically, our residential customers are looking for vinyl privacy fence, which is what we have outlined on this page. We have, however, installed other types of vinyl fence for both residential and commercial customers, so if you are looking for a type of vinyl fence other than full privacy fence, Read More
  • Industrial Fence

    Industrial sites - including oil fields, substations, chemical plants and mines all require far more in the way of security than any other type of work site. We are fortunate that Alberta has lots going on in the way of industry, but that does mean that there is a greater need Read More
  • Industrial Gates

    Industrial sites usually demand gate options that go far beyond what we would usually see or install on a commercial site. Industrial gates are usually heavier, larger and more complex than typical commercial grade gates, and they are often where we install automation equipment, including gate operators, intercoms and other Read More
  • Industrial Chain Link Information

    Much like any other fence type, there is really no such thing as a standard industrial chain link fence, or a standard high security chain link fence. Our industrial chain link fences do, however, all share a few common traits: All of our industrial chain link fences make use of Read More
  • Commercial Chain Link Fence Information

    Chain link is one of the most popular commercial fence choices out there - and with good reason. You will find these types of fence on every continent, in every city, in some form or another. Commercial chain link fences are cost effective, and offer value for money, thanks to the Read More
  • Residential Chain Link Specification

    Our residential chain link fences meet and exceed the general standards for residential chain link in Alberta, because we use thicker pipe for the structure, and heavier chain link mesh, all as standard. The reason we do that is because we know that when they invest in a chain link Read More
  • Automation

    Shortly after Align Fence Inc. started installing cantilever gates and commercial fence systems, our customers began to ask us whether we also offered gate automation. When our customers ask, we listen. We now offer a full range of automation options as well as ancillary access control equipment. Contact our sales Read More
  • Residential Fence

    If you're like most people, then your home is the single biggest investment you are likely to make in your lifetime. It's so much more than that though. Your home is your castle. It's the place where you spend your down time, where you entertain, and where you raise your Read More
  • Residential Chain Link

    Residential chain link fence has been a part of the Align Fence Inc. repertoire almost as long as we've been around. We've supplied and installed chain link fences for homeowners in Edmonton, Beaumont, Leduc and Fort McMurray, and many other cities and towns in the capital region and beyond. In Read More
  • Residential Ornamental Fence Information

    Align Fence Inc. installs ornamental fence for both residential and commercial customers. We supply and install both the traditional bar style of ornamental fence, and the welded mesh panel type, depending on your preferences. Our Ornamental Fence Our ornamental fence systems come from some of the highest regarded ornamental fence Read More
  • Residential Chain Link Options

    Aside from a variety of heights, there are several options available to customize your residential fence installation. On this page, we look at some of the choices that you have for your residential chain link fence. Chain Link Colors Our residential chain link fence comes in a variety of colors Read More
  • Slide Gate Operators

    Over the past few years, we noticed that there was a growing demand for gate automation among our customers - particularly the commercial and industrial clients. That is a big part of the reason why we started installing slide gate operators, and why we eventually formed a standalone automation, gate operator, Read More
  • Commercial Gates Information

    Align Fence Inc. manufacturers, supplies and installs commercial gates to match every type of commercial fence we offer. Many, if not most of the commercial gates we install are custom built on a project by project basis, however, on this page, we will give you information about a few of Read More
  • Chain Link Sports Fences

    Many sports facilities require special types of chain link fence. Align Fence Inc. is your sports fence one stop shop, and we offer both chain link sports fences and other types of sports fence to commercial customers, municipalities and other customers througout Alberta. Chain Link Ball Diamonds Align Fence Inc. Read More
  • Rockwall Fence Information

    Align Fence Inc. is one of the few fence companies in Canada that supplies and installs composite rockwall fence. What Is Rockwall Fence? Rockwall fence is a type of composite fence that is molded to look like a wall built from genuine rocks, except that it's better than actual rocks Read More
  • Residential Ornamental Fence Options

    If you are interested in ornamental fence, then you will be glad to know that there are almost endless residential ornamental fence options available to our customers. On this page, we will take a look at a few of those, but there are many more, and if you have something Read More
  • Industrial Interior Fence

    Interior fence for industrial sites may share a few traits with interior fence at commercial sites, but there are many specifics that make it a completely different proposition to design and install. Why the Need for Industrial Interior fence The reasons for installing industrial fence are varied, and we have Read More
  • Developer Wood Fence Information

    Wood fence has always been popular in Alberta, and it is still one of the fences that are favored by property developers for housing developments in and around the city. We are noticing that there are more and more property developers opting for maintenance free commercial vinyl fence, however, there Read More
  • Industrial Fence Installers

    Industrial work sites demand a lot from any contractor. There are health and safety considerations, project management requirements and more to take into account. Not to mention that industrial fence systems need to be installed to exacting standards, and that they are far heavier than residential or commercial specifications. It Read More
  • Temporary Fence

    Align Fence Inc. is well known throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas for our bright orange temporary fences. It's a well known sight on construction sites and at events in and around the city. With our physical office in Fort McMurray fast becoming the leader in temporary fence in their area Read More
  • Commercial Ornamental Fence Options

    Our commercial ornamental fence is ordered from some of the leading manufacturers in north America, usually on a project by project basis. Generally, we have a range of standard residential ornamental fence options available as standard from stock that we hold in our west Edmonton yard, but for bigger commercial Read More
  • Temporary Fence Rental

    If you are looking for temporary fence for rental, then you may be wondering how we go about temporary fence rentals. On this page, we outline the process step by step, and include notes that provide further detail on our process: 1. Request a Temporary Fence Quote The first step Read More
  • Temporary Fence Specifications

    Our customers often ask us what makes our temporary fence panels different to the others that you find out there. One thing that is different about our temporary fence division is the level of service you can expect, but there's also the actual specification of the fence that makes our Read More
  • Industrial Chain Link Fence Options

    There are many variations that can be made to the basic industrial chain link specification. This page looks at some of the specification options that are available. Tension Posts Industrial chain link tension posts can be 3 1/2", 4 1/2" or even 6 5/8" diameter Schedule 40 pipe. It should Read More
  • Swing Gate Operators

    Many people don't realize that it is possible to automate swing gates. In many cases, space constraints make cantilever, slide or vertical lift gates a better option. However, if you need to automate swing gates for your yard, factory, warehouse, industrial site or home, we can provide a free quote, Read More
  • Integrated Perimeter Security

    Until recently, Canadian fence requirements have been very basic. Most fences in Canada until recently served more to delineate property lines than to act as security features. As industrialization becomes the norm, however, demands for higher security fence systems are (and will continue) growing. Align Fence Inc. offers assistance and Read More
  • Panel Fences Information

    Sometimes, industrial sites need something a little more robust, a little better looking or a little more able to stand up to corrosive elements than the average chain link fence. If that's the case on your industrial site, then mesh panel fences may be the solution that you are looking Read More
  • Residential Vinyl Fence Information

    When people ask us which fence we would (and have) installed around our own homes, the answer is always vinyl fence. We truly believe that this is the single best residential fence type on the market these days, and that it's both the best suited to our climate here in Read More
  • Electric Fence Information

    Electric fence has never been in high demand in Canada. We are unlikely to see electric fence bristling from the top of walls or fences anywhere soon, unlike some other parts of the world. However, that does not mean that there is no need for electric fence in Canada at Read More
  • Developer Wood Fence Options

    Wood fence is one of thost types of fence that has almost endless possibilities in terms of specifications, materials, fixing and other elements. It is for that reason that we do not have any standard wood fence specifications - because there is really no such thing as a standard wood fence Read More
  • Commercial Fence Installers

    Every fence project is different, but we have noticed here at Align Fence Inc. that there are broad similarities that all of the customers in each of our fence divisions share. That is exactly why we have structured those divisions to meet the needs of that particular type of customer, Read More
  • Fence Detection Systems

    A Fence Detection System - or FDS - is not an electric fence. It does, however, share a few traits with electric security fence, in that it captures information from the fence and transports it to a central management area. Where an electric fence uses short circuits (when someone touches the fence Read More
  • Barbed Wire Fence

    Alberta, and the rest of western Canada, boasts some of the largest areas of farm land in the world - after all, Canada is a big place! All that farm land needs to be fenced though, to delineate different areas, to keep stock in designated areas and for other reasons. Barbed Read More
  • Fence Maintenance and Repair

    Take a look at the sample chain link maintenance checklist at the bottom of this page. Do any of those questions make you think of your fence? If you answered yes, then there's a good chance that your fence might need repairs, maintenance or replacement. It is often hard to Read More
  • Residential Gates Information

    Our range of residential gates is even more extensive than our range of residential fences. In most cases, residential gates are custom built on a per project basis, and designed to match and complement the fence perfectly. We offer residential gates in the following types: Single swing Double swing Cantilever Read More
  • Residential Chain Link Information

    Residential chain link fence has been a part of the Align Fence Inc. repertoire almost as long as we've been around. We've supplied and installed chain link fences for homeowners in Edmonton, Beaumont, Leduc and Fort McMurray, and many other cities and towns in the capital region and beyond. In Read More
  • Chain Link Interior Fence

      Whether you call it chain link interior fence, partition fence, bond store fencing or anything else, there's no denying that interior chain link fence is a very valuable addition to factories, commercial buildings and even airports. Align Fence Inc. offers a wide range of customizable chain link fence options Read More
  • Commercial Fence Process

    When we work with commercial customers, the process between the intitial enquiry and the final handover of a completed project has many steps, but generally follows the same path. This page outlines what needs to happen to get your commercial fence installed, and how each part of the process works. Read More
  • Residential Fence Process

    Since Align Fence Inc. services a wide spectrum of customers ranging from homeowners to property developers and businesses to industrial sites. To ensure that we provide the best possible service to all of our diverse customers, we have developed different processes for different customer groups. This page outlines the process Read More
  • Commercial Fence

    Here in Alberta, we're fortunate to live in the fastest growing economy in Canada. That means that there's plenty of development happening throughout the province. It also means that Canadian businesses, schools, churches and public spaces need to think about fences more than we used to. If you're looking for Read More
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